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The Haft Experience

We are committed to a customized approach to ministry, providing each guest with a unique Haft experience. There is no simple profile that describes the kinds of guests that come and that we desire to serve.  The primary prerequisite is a felt need for refreshment, both personally and vocationally, and a willingness to commit to the process of change and growth needed to mature as people and leaders.


A guest stay at The Haft can be as short as a day and as long as months and the services provided are tailored to the needs of guests.  Various offerings include

  • Sabbatical breaks to refresh and refocus
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Inner healing and resolving spiritual root issues
  • Consultation to businesses and marketplace ministries
  • Conflict resolution to bring healing and restoration to relationships
  • A quiet place for artistic and musical creation

The Haft is unique in how we serve individuals and small groups. Whether day long, week long, month long or more,  we will work with you to design a program that meets your needs.

The Haft partners with you to plan and host events such as

  • Prayer Retreats
  • Leadership team retreats
  • Cell group retreats